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Europe Engaged In A Phony War On Biotechnology

Dennis T. Avery EU Selfishly Hides Behind Farm Trade Barriers While Attacking Scientific Advances In The Fight Against Hunger CHURCHVILLE, Va.–Europe’s govern-ments, after frightening their own consumers about the safest food supply in world history, are now making a huge … Continue reading

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Infantile Methemoglobinemia: Reexamining the Role of Drinking Water Nitrates

Download PDF Ingestion of nitrates in drinking water has long been thought to be a primary cause of acquired infantile methemoglobinemia, often called blue baby syndrome. However, recent research and a review of historical cases offer a more complex picture … Continue reading

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Sour, Curdled, and Gross: How Congress got milk wrong

Dave Juday REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION by National Review Of all the issues that Congress deals with, perhaps none is less glamourous to members than agriculture policy. As Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) noted last year, some of his colleagues “don’t even … Continue reading

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Scaring Consumers Away from Good Health

Alex A. Avery The Environmental Protection Agency, in its zeal to rid the world of pesticides, fails to mention the hazards of dangerous strains of food-borne pathogens that may be present in organically grown “natural” foods. Featured at your local … Continue reading

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