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Golden Rice Could Combat Third World Malnutrition

Dennis T. Avery The New Rice, Rich In Vitamin A, Could Sharply Boost The Health Of Poor Nations – Unless Anti-Tech Activists Block It Bridge News CHURCHVILLE, Va.–Two of the world’s most persistent sources of human malnutrition may soon be … Continue reading

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Meeting the Demands of a Growing Population

Alex A. Avery Presentation at the American Phytopathological Society’s World Food Crisis Symposium The world agricultural community has focused on fighting hunger and meeting the needs of humanity for decades. It has been the rallying cry of farmers in all … Continue reading

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Comments to White House Task Force on Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico

 Download PDF It is no secret that public opinion drives policy. But it is a national scandal when those describing themselves and presenting themselves to legislators and the public as “scientists” abandon their ethical responsibilities to scientific method by subscribing … Continue reading

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Dairy Compacts Set Poor Trade Precedent

Dave Juday Farm Journal Guest Viewpoint Some dairy farmers are pursuing misguided regional compacts that could inflict further harm on struggling sectors of U.S. agriculture. Compacts set the price processors must pay for milk in a region. Already there is … Continue reading

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