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Enjoy The Warmth

Dennis Avery No Need To Fret About Climate Change Now With The Next Big Chill Some 600 Years Away Environmental alarmists insist that global warming will likely bring massive famines to the Earth over the next hundred years. Yet tangible, … Continue reading

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Europe Surrenders On Biotech Food Safety

Dennis Avery The European Commission has just approved a biotech corn variety for human consumption in Western Europe’s 25 countries. The EC also says that individual countries cannot block farmers from growing approved crop varieties. In effect, the EU is … Continue reading

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Sudden, Sharp Improvement in World Meat Export Prospects?

Presentation to the Brazilian Meat Conference hosted by Elanco Animal Health Dennis Avery I am pleased to be here today and to able to talk about the sharp improvement in world meat export prospects that appears to be occurring in … Continue reading

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Will Biotech Solve The Global Warming Drought Problem

Dennis Avery I hadn’t expected to find the answer to the global warming drought problem at the 2004 World Food Prize awards ceremony in the grandly ornate old Iowa State Capitol building on October 14th. But that’s where I learned … Continue reading

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The Power and Promise of Agricultural Biotechnology

Presentation to Hanover College Alex Avery The name of my presentation reflects my fundamentalist rejection of the term genetically altered food. It’s an anti-biotech activist term deliberately designed to elicit distaste and turn off consumers. But more fundamentally, it is … Continue reading

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New Global Warming Challenge For Bush’s Second Term

Dennis Avery One early challenge for President Bush’s second term will be Russia’s upcoming ratification of the Kyoto global warming treaty-which will finally turn the Kyoto Protocol into a working international treaty. As more than 100 other countries begin to … Continue reading

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