Authors Win Lysander Spooner Award

We are pleased to inform you that Rowman & Littlefield authors Dennis T. Avery and S. Fred Singer have been chosen as the April 2007 monthly recipients of the Lysander Spooner Awards for Advancing the Literature of Liberty for their book, Unstoppable Global Warming.

Laissez Faire Books bestows the honor monthly to the most important contributions to the literature of liberty, followed by an annual award for the top book on liberty for the year.

The Lysander Spooner Awards are our way of showing our appreciation to the writers, editors, researchers, and publishers who continue to advocate freedom. We are committed to making the Spooner Awards one of the highest honors in the world for authors advancing the literature of liberty.

The Spooner Awards are named for the 19th century jurist and author, Lysander Spooner. Best known for his work in the abolitionist movement, Spooner also earned acclaim for starting the first private postal service in the United States, challenging the government’s monopoly on the mails and eventually forcing the Post Office to drastically reduce the price of postage.

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