Tim Durham

Tim DurhamAdjunct Fellow, CGFI

Tim Durham is a lifelong vegetable farmer from Long Island, New York. He received an A.A.S. in Horticulture from Suffolk County Community College and a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Cornell University.

The recipient of a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship, Tim moved to New Zealand in 2004 for postgraduate studies at Lincoln University. With PR programs touting “100% pure” New Zealand, the country has grappled with the notion of genetically modified crops in their backyard. Before returning stateside, Tim gave a series of thirty well-received talks on the environmental benefits of biotech.

Long before the terms IPM or BMP’s were coined, his family’s farm was commended by the New York State Department of Ag & Markets and Department of Environmental Conservation for its legacy of stewardship.

Tim has enjoyed work in both the New York State Assembly and U.S. Senate, and was formerly a program educator with his local Cooperative Extension Association. He was recently awarded a Department of Homeland Security Fellowship to study agricultural biosecurity. Currently he is enrolled in the University of Florida’s Doctor of Plant Medicine (DPM) program, an interdisciplinary degree best described as “an MD for plants”.