Noble Gold Investments Review

An Introduction to Gold or Silver IRA

Noble Gold Investments IRA Reviews

If you are searching for a diversified retirement portfolio and prefer something other than the usual individual retirement account (IRA) that involves the purchase of stocks and bonds, then investing in precious metals may be your best bet. To better understand the difference between regular IRAs and precious metal IRAs, we must first what inflation is and how it affects an IRA.

Inflation may be defined as a gradual rise in the price level of an economy, resulting in currency losing some of its value, or being able to purchase fewer goods or services. Likewise, when investing in a regular IRA, the investment is subject to inflation and can lose its value over time. The monetary value may increase, but the value of that money decreases because inflation has increased. The value of stock assets is also based on the performance of the stock market.

However, with a precious metals IRA, such as a gold IRA, this is an asset that increases in value over time rather than decreasing. It is not affected by inflation. This makes investing in precious metals a wise decision to ensure that your retirement is secure.

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While gold or silver IRAs sound like the perfect way to invest, they are not the investment method of choice because large sums of money are usually required to get started, and finding a depository to store and account for precious metals may be tiresome.

Another great thing about investing in precious metals is that the returns are not taxed like regular IRAs.

Noble Gold is easily one of the best companies to choose for a precious metals investment and the like because of the customer-based service that is so rare in the precious metals industry. So, what exactly is Noble Gold, and should you consider an IRA with Noble Gold?

Who is Noble Gold?

Noble Gold is a precious metals or gold individual retirement account firm based in California. The founders, Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume are experts in the field and have more than 25 years of experience in the precious metals industry; building the company with the vision of a precious metals IRA firm that is more accessible and operates with transparency and integrity.

Noble Gold strives to inform potential investors of the right investment and helps us to understand what the right investment is and why. The goal has never been to pressure clients into investing, but to educate them enough to allow them to make the right decision to rightly secure their financial future.

What Services Does Noble Gold Offer?

The company gives its investors the opportunity for a noblegold investment, namely, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in the form of bullion coins and bars. You can invest in gold IRAs, silver IRAs, or purchase precious metals outright.

Noble Gold offers its users three different ways to invest, namely through precious metals IRA or the royal survival pack.

Similar services are offered by American Hartford Gold, which you can read about on StansTips.

Noble Gold IRA

A gold IRA involves an investment, such as stock or bond investments, but instead of stocks or bonds, we are investing in gold in the form of coins or bars. Once the gold investment is made, the metal is stored in a depository in Texas.

Silver IRA

Like a gold investment, Noble Gold also offers silver IRAs, which allow you to invest in silver in the form of bullion coins or bars. Similarly, once the investment is made, Noble Gold stores the metal in a depository in Texas.

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Royal Survival Packs

Royal survival packs allow us to purchase an assortment of metals outright. These assortments range in price from 5000 to 500 000 USD and are yours to store independently. You can opt to have the precious metals delivered securely and efficiently to your home, or can collect them yourself. Royal survival packs make for excellent financial security because they can be redeemed at any time for cash.

The Pros and Cons of Investing with Noble Gold

To gain a realistic understanding of gold and silver IRAs, we must first evaluate the pros and cons associated with Noble Gold.

The Pros

• Noble Gold offers easy access to its fee structure, with fees posted on its website. This lends to its transparency.

• It offers investors a quibble buyback program that gives peace of mind, knowing that should the need arise, Noble Gold buys back the precious metals.

• With Noble Gold, we have access to a wide selection of precious metals and a range of collector’s coins.

• You can set up your account swiftly and easily, with fast shipping for royal survival packs.

• Financial advisors are available around the clock to help guide you through the rollout process.

• Upon request, Noble Gold provides you with pictures of the precious metals.

• If you are not investment savvy, you are taken care of with Noble Gold’s dedication to educating potential investors as opposed to just pressurizing you to invest.

• They have a competitive fee structure and a low minimum investment amount, which is far below other companies in the industry.

The Cons

• Unlike other organizations involved in precious metals investment, Noble Gold has only been around for four years. Even so, the founders have over 25 years of experience, so are not new to the realm of precious metal IRAs.  If you are looking for a more established company, check out our Goldco review.

• Noble Gold only offers national storage and does not have global gold storage facilities like other IRA companies.

• Like all other kinds of investments, gold investments do come with a certain degree of risk. This is because the price of gold can lose its stability and become volatile due to changing economic circumstances. The reassuring thought though is that gold is never valued at zero. It is always be found in smaller quantities and requires tremendous energy to extract.

Therefore, it is advisable to have a varied retirement portfolio that includes both paper assets and precious metal investments because should one do badly, the other should do well because of the inverse relationship. So, you should not feel the effects should any one of them plummet.

Despite the risks associated with investing in precious metals with Noble Gold, the pros far outweigh the cons. Since the company has only been around for four years, there is lots of room for growth. Talk to a Noble Gold advisor about setting up a gold, silver, platinum, or palladium investment today to strengthen your retirement portfolio with a company that is genuinely concerned about meeting your financial needs.

What Precious Metals Can Be Bought with Noble Gold?

Noble Gold Logo

With Noble Gold, you purchase gold, silver, palladium, and platinum in the form of bullion, which is purified metal that is used to make coins, metal bars, and collectors’ coins. With Noble Gold, there is peace of mind with its buyback program. Should you encounter any financial issues, you always have the assurance that Noble Gold buys the metals back, no questions asked, should the need arise. Let us take a look at some of the coins and bars that Noble Gold offers. Please note that these are just a few examples and not a full list of coins and bars offered by Noble Gold.

Gold IRA

  • American Eagle Gold Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins
  • Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins
  • Perth Mint Gold Bars
  • Gold American Eagle


  • America the Beautiful Silver Coins
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin
  • Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin
  • 1 Kilogram Australian Silver Coin
  • Highland Mint Silver Round Bullion
  • Republican Metals Silver Bars
  • American Silver Eagle Coins

Platinum and Palladium Coins

  • American Platinum Eagle Coin
  • Baird & Co Platinum Bar
  • American Platinum or Palladium Eagle Coins
  • Baird & Co Platinum or Palladium Bars

Rare or Collectible Coins

  • 4 Piece Indian St Gauden Collectible Coins from the years 1928, 1909, 1932, and 1927
  • 1854 Kellogg $20 Rare Coin

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Noble Gold’s IRA Policies and Fees

Noble Gold offers a competitive fee structure that is in line with and often supersedes the industry standard. The fee structure is as follows:

• The yearly account fee is 80 dollars.

• The storage fee is 150 dollars a year, and this includes insurance. One of the great things about Noble Gold is that they waiver this fee for the first year, regardless of the amount invested. Precious metals are also stored separately from those of other investors.

• Custodian costs (which are essential for gold and silver IRAs) are also payable and differ according to the amount you have invested.

Noble Gold Investments vs. the Competition

It is no secret that Noble Gold provides some of the best rates in the industry, saving the investor thousands of dollars. How does Noble Gold fair against its competition? Let’s take a look.

1. Annual fees

Noble Gold’s annual fees are on par with that of its competitors. Unlike other companies like Advantage Gold who require a minimum deposit of 50 0000 dollars to waiver the storage fee for the first year, Noble Gold gives its investors free storage for the first year, regardless of the amount have invested.

2. Rollover

Noble Gold Investments has the easiest rollover process in the industry. It takes less than 10 minutes to get started, and the process is entirely online. Other companies require the completion of pdf forms and/or telephonic confirmation of personal details.

3. Minimum Investment Amount

Goldco and Advantage Gold require a minimum deposit of 25 000 dollars, while Regal Assets requires a minimum deposit of 5 000 dollars. Noble Gold only requires a minimum deposit of 2000 dollars to get started in the realm of silver and gold IRA investments, making them the best choice for IRAs.

4. Customer Service

Noble Gold Investments is on par with industry standards concerning customer service. It provides informative guides that help you understand gold IRAs and gives you an overview of the rollout process. Noble Gold Investments aims to ensure that its potential investors know and understand the best possible ways to protect their assets and secure their future through investments and purchases of precious metals.

More reasons to choose Noble Gold Investments for a retirement fund:

• Noble Gold has set up the first and only Texas storage facility.

• Unlike other companies, they offer royal survival packs that give you a financial cushion to fall back on.

• There is a buyback program, and buy back the precious metals should you need to sell.

• They provide informative guides and customer support that are available around the clock to help guide you through the rollout process.

• You can still invest in this precious commodity even if you do not have funds of more than 5 000 dollars.

• No sneaky sales tactics used to get business.

It is certain that Noble Gold Investments far exceeds industry standards without requiring large investment amounts.

How to Get Started Investing with Noble Gold Investments

As mentioned previously, Noble Gold’s rollout process takes under 10 minutes to complete and requires only an internet connection. Follow these simple steps to begin investing with Noble Gold Investments.

1. Go to Noble Gold Investment’s website (

2. Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on “Open an Account.”

3. Follow the prompts to enter your personal and contact information.

4. Select the investment account preferences and details such as the rollover amount, account type, and custodian information.

5. Enter the beneficiary information.

It is as simple as that! With Noble Gold Investments, the account setup is simple; once you have completed this online registration, a Noble Gold Investments representative contacts you to help you through the entire process.

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Silver: A Better Investment than Gold?

Precious metals get their name because they are rare and involve a lot of effort to mine. While physical gold and silver are two of the rarest metals and require a great deal of energy to mine, the truth is that silver is used at a faster rate than gold.

Gold IRA seems to get all the attention when it comes to precious metals investments. So it may come as a surprise to many that investing in silver may be a better option for everyday investors, despite its wavering popularity in comparison to a gold IRA.

Silver has a lot more applications than gold, and the uncertainty in future gold supplies makes silver even more popular in commercial use. Therefore, it may be wiser to invest in a silver IRA in addition to or instead of a gold IRA.

Whether you choose to invest in a gold IRA or silver IRA, the best part is that Noble Gold Investments has the best noble gold IRA and silver IRA options. Investing in precious metals certainly is a better investment option than stocks, bonds, and other paper assets.

How Good are Noble Gold Reviews?

Noble gold reviews receive an average of 4,95-to-five-star ratings. A 5-star rating from customer reviews is exceptional in the precious metal industry and extremely rare. The reason for this is their excellent customer service and minimum requirements for a precious metals IRA. They are not just transparent but are helpful towards potential clients too and do not believe in high-pressure sales. Noble gold review statistics prove that Noble Gold Investments is one of the best in the industry.

A Final Word

Setting up retirement accounts does not need to be a daunting process. A precious metals investment is the ideal way to secure a financial future. Open an account with Noble Gold Investments and gain access to the world of precious metal investments to ensure that your retirement fund is not diminished by inflation and taxed before you receive a payout.

With low annual fees and a minimum investment value of 2 000 dollars, Noble Gold is the answer you have been looking for to create a secure portfolio. Charles Thorngren, the Chief Executive Officer of Noble Gold Investments, and Collin Plume, the president of Noble Gold Investments, believe in transparency and honesty when dealing with clients and they strive to provide investors with the best advice and free gold guides that provide enough education for potential investors to make the best decisions to suit their needs. Invest in precious metals today to ensure you can retire with peace of mind.