Why Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coins are So Rare

Intelligent investors and bright consumers look to buy gold coins that possess value, beauty, and rarity as often as possible. They want gorgeous coins that not only have the ability to maintain their value, but they can also accrue even more value for their gold content and rarity factor.

Guess what? This is the reason why so many consumers collect and have fallen in love with Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coins. But, it’s definitely only one of the reasons why this is such a valuable investment.

As you can imagine, the rarity factor certainly goes a long way when choosing a Liberty Gold Coin for your coin collection. Did you know that certain coins in this series are worth $10,000 or more? I’ll tell you all about the rarity factor and other reasons why this is such a predominantly amazing investment.

And even more important, you’ll have to learn the other reasons why this collectible is so potently powerful and worth your money and attention. Consumers would not flock to collect the Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin unless there was a reason. As you can imagine, there is more than one reason and I’m going to share them with you below.

Reason #1: The “No Motto” Liberty Gold Coin Is Enormously Rare

Rarity is the name of the game when buying gold coins, and this certainly holds true when purchasing a Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin. Believe it or not, before the Civil War, they actually used to mint these gold coins without the motto “In God We Trust” on the back, or the reverse side of the coin. If you have one of these gold collectibles in your possession, and you’ve kept it in mint condition, you could have a potential $10,000 coin on your hands.

How amazing is that? It wasn’t until 1866 that they decided to add the inscription to all of the Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coins. But prior to that, we believe that there were roughly 19,000 of these coins minted without the motto. And as you can imagine, this makes these coins incredibly rare. And the better the condition they are in, the more they are worth.

Why is this important for investors? First of all, you need to look through your coin collection to see if you have any of these Liberty Gold Coins without the motto on the back. If you do, you may have found a potential windfall, depending on the year that it was minted, the condition of the coin, and other factors. You should talk to a gold broker to find out what this coin is worth if you have one in your possession.

Also, I do not want investors to miss out on a wonderful opportunity. You may want to purchase one or more “No Motto” $5 Liberty Gold Coins for your collection, because it’s definitely going to continue to accrue massive value over the years. So, it’s a worthwhile investment no matter what way you look at it.

Reason #2: You Can Find Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coins for Cheaper Prices If You’re Willing to Do the Work

Even though the particular coin we talked about above is extremely rare, that’s only one of many different types of Liberty Gold Coins to consider. There are some that are not nearly as rare yet still maintain a lot of value even though they have the In God We Trust motto on the back of the coin.

How much will you have to pay? That’s always going to vary depending on the year of the coin and other factors like the rarity, condition, and more. But if you’re willing to shop around, you could find one for as little as $300 or less if you’re diligent enough.

What does this mean? It means that you have to be willing to shop around to find the best deal. You never know when a great deal is going to pop up.

You may find a desperate collector on eBay willing to sell one for practically nothing. Or you might find someone that doesn’t know much about these gold coins on Craigslist who’s willing to give it away for a steal. Or you should check with different dealers to see if they have any rare yet affordable Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coins that they’re willing to sell inexpensively.

Reason #3: The Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin Has an Incredibly Bright Future Ahead of It

How do I truly know that the future is bright for Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coins? Believe it or not, there are actually three very important reasons. They are:

  • This coin is very rare which makes it valuable
  • The value of an ounce of gold continues to rise
  • It has a beautiful appearance

So, when you keep both of these factors in mind, it’s very obvious that the Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin will not only maintain its value, but it will also accrue more value as the years pass.

And it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn this. The cost of gold in early 2020 was about $1200 an ounce. The price of gold halfway through 2021 is about $1900 an ounce. That’s a big difference and it definitely makes your Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coins a lot more valuable.

Lastly, I also wanted to mention the appearance of the Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coin because it really is a beautiful sight to behold. When you look at the picture on the front, you’ll see Lady Liberty staring back at you as she strikes a majestic profile. And even more amazing, on the reverse side there’s a picture of an American Eagle resting on an olive branch and holding a shield. This design is amazing and so many investors and collectors absolutely adore it.

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Bottom Line

We’ve come to the end and you understand why consumers are clamoring to collect Five Dollar Liberty Gold Coins. Not only are they rarer, they are also beautiful, they have a great future ahead of them, and you can find them very cheaply if you’re willing to do the work to get a good deal. Begin investing in these Liberty Gold Coins right away if you’re looking for an excellent investment.